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Fast Food Insurance? WTF?

We have just come through an epidemic. House prices are sky high. Fuel prices have (perhaps literally) gone through the roof. Inflation is the worst for decades. Living standards are tumbling. Yet we are not only buying fast food as though it was the answer to the meaning of life question, but we are also paying for it to be delivered to our door!

For millions of British households, their Friday or Saturday night dinner is costing around five times what it should.

Is this better food than we can cook ourselves then? Is it more nutritious? Will it help us lose weight?

Hardly. It is usually fast food such as stodgy pizzas, burgers made from questionable meat from unmentionable parts of an animal's carcase, curries swimming in grease and spices that have unsocial effects on our digestive systems. It invariably arrives, at best lukewarm, at worst stone cold, after being carried for miles in a bag on the back of a scooter rider who has paid a fortune for something called Hire And Reward Car Insurance and been exposed to the worst that the British climate can throw. Who is to blame for this?

Don't blame the delivery person, who has been pittifully paid for driving or riding perhaps miles to collect your takeaway, then even more miles to deliver it to you as you sit in front of the TV. Don't blame the takeaway owner either, who has paid heavy money to a delivery company for the privilege of having access to their staff in the first place. Blame the delivery company? Well let's be fair, someone has to pay for their eye watering advertising bills, and it might as well be you. Blame yourself for preferring to pay a fortune for sub standard food, rather than cook it yourself from fresh, nourishing ingredients? Perish the thought 😂